Character Creation

Character Creation

You may choose any class in the Core Rulebook, and with DM Discretion any class in the Advanced Players Guide.

This game will feature no perks. Use your class’ Base Gold when determining Items (Located on page 140 of the Players Guide).

All Character Concepts will be subject to DM Discretion.

You will be using a Point Buy from the Pathfinder point buy system.
All Ability Scores begin at 10, and can be decreased down to 8 and cannot exceed 18.
The standard rule of thumb is to increase an ability score +1, you need to add it’s modifiers total in points. For example: Wanting an 11 in strength when you have a 10, you would spend +1 point. On the flip side, having a 14 in strength and wishing to go to 15 would cost you +2 points.
Effectively, this means it will cost +8 points to go from ability score 10 to 16.
A standard build could look like this: 16, 16, 14, 14, 11, 10; or any variant thereof.

First Level is Maximum Health, and each level will be rolled after.

Remember, if you play you take a level in your favored class (which you choose at 1st level) You can either add +1 health every level, or +1 Skill point every level.

Should you write/convey to me a Fantastic Backstory before the Second Session, you will be awarded +250 Experience.

Character Creation

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