Brief History

Welcome to Eytheranea

A Brief History of Eytheranea
Eytheranea, or Forest of the Night, was originally settled by the Elves, fleeing their homeland continent. In the beginning, before the first age, it was a lush continent, yet full of dark terrors. The Elves worked hard to establish settlements, and by doing so began pushing back the creatures. After thousands of years, The First Men came to Eytheranea, and the First Age began.

First Age
Upon the inception of Men, the Elves felt threatened. Being a proud race, they limited Men to the worst corners of the continent. However, being humans, they quickly grew in numbers and sought to become equals in this world. After a few minor territorial disputes, they rallied the people of the mountains, called Dwarves, to their cause.
Over of the course of years, the Elves finally realized the worth in Humans, and invited them to the peace tables. Territory was drawn (according to population), and a peace was formed. Thus began the Second Age

Second Age
It has been 1200 years since the Peace of Amnivya, and times have never looked better. Humans have created sprawling kingdoms, Elves have preserved the Old Forests, and Dwarves have taken to the Mountains and Hills. Aside from the occasional Orc attack, or dark sorcerer, things have been at peace for all 1200 years. Gnomes and Halflings have made there way to the continent one way or the other, and a general acceptance of all settles the continent. The main city of Risgar, strongest and largest of the human kingdoms, is the wealthiest and most affluent in history. Ruling this mighty kingdom is Emperor Vah Saynys, who has rules for the last 20 years.
The Elven kingdom of Sam’suli, ruled by the great Aldyd, High Prophet of Elvenkind, has predicted dark times and calls for a meeting of the leaders. This shall happen in 2 months time, and the preparations are being made. Then they all went home, because Serfs got this shit.

Brief History

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